Gary Skidmore
Craig Wood



Marketing EDGE 50th Anniversary Logo

In 2016, Marketing EDGE will face a true milestone in its long history: the 50th anniversary of its founding. No doubt, our celebration will come at a time of continued change in our industry and our world. To fulfill the promise of our mission we will need to strengthen our ability to "Educate, Develop, Grow, and Employ" like never before.

Clearly, our industry relies on us to enrich the pipeline of market-ready talent for our ever-changing field. For decades this nonprofit organization has served three key audiences: corporations, academics and students alike. While historically we have touted that perhaps students benefit most from our programs and activities, as the war for talent continues to escalate the need for even greater numbers of market-ready talent has never been more important and mission critical for businesses throughout the marketing field.

Our future success will depend upon the power of our partnerships — that is, the continuing vision, leadership, and generosity of those who share our long-standing mission. At the same time, we must raise awareness of our impact on the marketing field and the benefits we bring to so many deserving students. Only in this way will we increase support and build the resources needed to fulfill the expectations placed before us.

As this momentous year approaches — 2016 and our organization's 50th anniversary — this is the perfect focus for our efforts. We look forward to the future, during which Marketing EDGE will continue its devoted and diligent efforts to lay the foundations for another half-century of success in a time of change.

Gary Skidmore, Co-Chair
Craig Wood, Co-Chair