Adrea Rubin
Christine Slusarek
Craig Wood



Like the byways whose distances they measure, milestones vary in size and significance. This simple observation carries immense meaning for those who believe in Marketing EDGE: both the leaders who support us and the students who benefit from our services, programs, and community.

Even though these past two years have been a turning point for our organization—in terms of growth and impact—it is merely the first step in our recommitment to those we look to serve. In 2016, Marketing EDGE will face a true milestone in its long history: the 50th anniversary of its founding. As we already have seen, our celebration will come at a time of immense change in our industry and our society. To fulfill the promise of our mission we will need to strengthen our ability to “Educate, Develop, Grow, and Employ.”

Clearly, our industry depends upon us. Our colleagues—executives and academics alike—continue to benefit from our programs and services. Yet those who need us the most are the capable young college students who dream of meaningful careers in this field and beyond. As always, our purpose is to give back to our communities: the companies, researchers, universities, and students working with us to build the future of marketing.

We have already identified areas for growth, scaling our programs and services to meet our industry’s emerging needs. For one thing, we must reach out to serve a larger, more diverse cross-section of promising talent for our field. To reach this talent, Marketing EDGE will need to build strategic partnerships with organizations, associations, and universities. This means growing beyond and more deeply among our current operations. These partnerships will serve as conduits for delivering our services to a wider range of young men and women.

Partnerships of this kind are only as valuable as the scope of our programs. Marketing EDGE must be able to expand its programs and curricula, building upon its widely respected teaching content and talent management services. Responding to new marketing realities, our organization will target analytics and evolving technologies while strengthening students’ career development skills.

Of course, no non-profit organization can do this alone. Our success will depend upon another kind of partnership—that is, the continuing vision, leadership, and generosity of those who share our long-standing mission. At the same time, we must raise awareness of our impact on the marketing field and the benefits we bring to so many deserving students. Only in this way will we increase support and build the resources needed to fulfill the expectations placed before us.

The year 2016, our organization’s 50th anniversary, is the perfect focal point for our efforts. We look forward to the future, during which Marketing EDGE will lay the foundations for another half-century of success in a time of change.

Adrea Rubin, Chair, Outreach Committee
Christine Slusarek, Co-Chair, Governance Committee
Craig Wood, Co-Chair, Governance Committee