Tim Carr
Dawn Morris



As Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?” And as any marketer would know, the name of an organization has enormous significance and impact.

An organization’s name is an integral element in its branding. And brands, of course, should remain consistent but certainly not immutable. They must be adaptable, nimble enough to respond to new realities altering the landscape.

In June 2013, this organization’s Board of Trustees adopted a new name: Marketing EDGE. The change was not a departure from mission in any sense. As always, we are dedicated to providing educational programs, job-placement opportunities, and other services to prepare promising college students for marketing careers. Rather, it represented an enlargement of purpose, bringing our mission into a time of new challenges for the field of marketing.

As our brand video shows, the scope of marketing has changed dramatically and continues to do so. Our organization’s previous name—the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF)—was appropriate for a time when “direct marketing” was a discrete component of a larger industry. Technology and big data have changed that.

Today, all marketing is direct—in ways that could not have been anticipated when this organization began. Targeting and shaping messages for current and prospective customers is achieved through digital and social media, including blogs, e-mail, e-commerce, search, and the traditional and new, emerging channels. To more accurately convey our enduring mission in this time of transformation and into the future, a change was needed, and Marketing EDGE achieves that goal.

Of course, changing our name was a small but very meaningful part of this organization’s overall response to the shifting realities our colleagues face nationwide. These past two years, Marketing EDGE leapt forward in its efforts to fulfill the mandate laid out in our 2011 Strategic Plan, offering new initiatives to educate students for meaningful careers in the field. But our name is our identity, central to our branding—a banner of sorts, proclaiming consistency and adaptability so that we can continue to achieve our mission. So, what’s in our new name is the past, the present, and the future of this dynamic field.

Tim Carr, Co-Chair
Dawn Morris, Co-Chair

P.S. We would like to extend a huge thank you to co-chairs Marjorie Kalter, Ph.D., and Dennis Armbruster, Creative Lift, for the logo / branding development; to Brierley & Partners for market research; and to our Branding Committee members for the work they contributed to identify and establish this new name—all pro bono, we might add.